Hi all! Hope everyone is enjoying a fabulous July 4th weekend!

I was thrilled to learn yesterday that the July/August issue of Food & Nutrition Magazine is hitting news stands next week and that it will include an announcement of the magazine’s exciting partnership with former American Idol contestant and CEO of I AM Entertainment, Kimberley Locke. Kimberley is also an amazing health coach, chef and host of the show, What’s Cooking With Kimberley (WCWK).

As a national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, I have had the pleasure of making several special appearances on her show and cannot wait to show you the episodes – coming soon. We cover all kinds of topics, including healthy snacks, diet-related myths and misconceptions and body shaming. We even share a musical background and had a chance to goof around and sing some silly songs together. Could I love my job any more?

Food & Nutrition Magazine covers an amazing variety of nutrition-related topics in a fun, entertaining way but through the lense of credible, evidence-based science. In the upcoming issue, article topics will include food sensitivities, growth of discount grocers, humectants and anti-caking agents and the pickled food trend.

Episodes of WCWK will be posted on my blog asap – come back soon and watch! xx

Cheers to your good health…

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