Are   toddler   food   battles   wreaking   havoc   on   your   family   meals? 

Are toddler food battles wreaking havoc on your family meals? Does this type of face regularly grace your dinner table? I feel ya. Believe me, you’re not alone. This is my middle when she was 2. Cute as a button and oh, so stubborn!⠀

The truth is, toddlers are generally really good at up-regulating and down-regulating their intake depending on their needs – this can mean that depending on what they ate in the hours, days or week prior to a meal, they may not need to eat.⠀

It’s good to let them learn to listen and respond to their own hunger and satiety cues. Interfering by cajoling, bribing, pressuring and battling them to eat what you want them to eat is usually counterproductive and leads to more picky eating and food battles.⠀

I definitely get that this can be soooooo frustrating – especially when you put a lot of effort into cooking something for them!⠀

But feeding kiddos well is about more than just providing the nutrients. The funny thing is, if you respond to⠀

Kid: “No eat that.”⠀

with ⠀

Mom: “Ok. You don’t have to.”⠀

…your kid will probably eat it. Aren’t they deliciously frustrating?!⠀

Is there a food your kiddo always refused to eat until you said he or she didn’t have to? Comment below!

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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