What Client’s Are Saying…

“I’ve always been health conscious and fit, but I reached out to Malina because I wasn’t feeling good, my energy was low, I had a few digestive issues and I felt like my weight might be creeping up. Malina listened carefully to my concerns and created a personalized nutrition plan for me that fit my schedule, lifestyle and tastes and addressed all of my issues. Her meal plans are super easy and convenient, with grocery lists of exactly what you need that can arrive within one day through Amazon Fresh. Malina has great knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition. After working consistently with her for several months now, I’ve have literally never felt better in my life! My energy is amazing, I feel great, I’ve hit all my goals and I don’t feel deprived or hungry. Can’t recommend her highly enough..”

Didi, Age 55, Mother of 2, Rye NY

“During our first conversation on the phone Malina just immediately understood. I was struggling to get my teenage daughter on a balanced diet. Her approach was reassuring and kind. I was hoping that an outside influence would work and it did! Malina helped take my daughter’s interests and passions and connect them back to food! My daughter loved spending time with her, trying new foods, and creating a lunch menu that was healthy while letting her feel in control of her choices. She was excited to share about their time together and put the plan in motion. We can’t wait to tackle breakfast and dinner next. She made this an enjoyable experience and I have already recommended her to my friends.”

Erin Buckley, Mom of 2, Rye, NY

“Malina is such a wonderful teacher and motivator! I am a mother of two teenagers: one is a vegetarian and the other is a very picky eater. Malina was quick to figure out our family’s nutritional needs. She was fun and engaging with my children and taught them, amongst many things, the importance of balancing macronutrients on their plates. Malina came up with weekly meal plans that have worked out fabulously. Thanks to her thoughtful suggestions, we are more mindful of eating minimally processed foods and we feel great!!”

Michelle, Mother of 2, Rye NY

Working with Malina helped me to improve my family’s food choices and inspired me to experiment more in the kitchen. I love to cook, but get distracted and run out of steam by the end of the day. Malina teaches you that planning ahead — even just a little bit is well worth it!”

JB, Mom of 2, Rye NY

Malina inspired me to get back to basics with my kids food and try again with some foods which I had avoided due to my daughter’s dislikes. It was wonderful to chat to Malina and be re-inspired! I loved seeing all her different lunch box ideas, hearing about what she feeds her kids and demonstrating easy to do and delicious recipes.

Izzy K, Mom of 2, Rye NY

“Working with Malina was like a breath of fresh air during a time when my family’s eating had been less than inspired. Malina has such a warm and supportive nature, she was able to help me see where we were succeeding and offer suggestions on where we could improve. Her recipes and suggestions gave me just the encouragement I needed and got my creative juices flowing again in the kitchen.”

Caroline Wallach, Mom of 3, Rye NY

“As a mom of four children (ages 12, 10, 8, and 4), we have a variety of health struggles in our family. While we know the importance of healthy eating, many factors make it a challenge in our daily lives. During my consultations with Malina, she truly listened to my health struggles. She respected, validated, and understood our lifestyle. Her knowledge about wellness exceeds any of the latest diet fads or trends as she teaches true lifestyle changes. Malina provided me with valid advice for each member of my family, not just me. She gave tips on how to pack a healthy school lunch, knowledge (and strength) to deal with my picky eaters, and educated me about how to feel full for long stretches of time! Her experience and knowledge are extremely evident. Not only does Malina give solid advice, she also practices what she preaches. Her healthy lifestyle is apparent to everyone who knows her. She truly is a role model in our community — beautiful inside and out! Working with Malina was life changing.“

Liz Woods, Mother of 4, Rye NY

My family’s nutrition has improved immensely since I started to work with Malina. Her guidance and instruction have given me a newfound hope that I can incorporate healthy foods into my children’s diet. She provided me with easy, nutrient dense recipes that my children have really enjoyed eating. I learned not only how to better feed my family with more nutrient dense food but also not to despair when it comes to introducing new foods to my very picky children. I would highly recommend Malina to my friends and family!”

AO, Mother of 3, Rye NY

“I was having thyroid issues and my husband was looking for ways to clean up his diet. Malina recommended a nutritional plan to reduce the amount of processed food, salt and meat, and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in our diets. We have both seen an improvement in our overall health. My headaches have subsided and I was even able to identify some sensitivities to certain foods. We are so thankful for Malina’s support and encouragement. I don’t think we would be where we are without her guidance.”

MH, Mother of 1, Denver, CO

“Malina is smart, thoughtful, and caring in all aspects of the education process. Her suggestions are concrete and actionable for someone on the move who has to make diet decisions at an airport or over a client meal. She has a deep understanding of nutrition which markedly improved my health and lifestyle.

BW, Male Age 45, Manhattan, NY

“Malina takes the time to figure out what’s going to work for you. She takes into account your lifestyle and constraints and still helps you come up with a plan for a healthier more nutritious way of eating and living. The tools and changes she provides are doable and results are achievable. For me it was learning the right foods to choose when on the go and in a rush that would keep me from derailing my weight loss goals, and at the same time also learning how to incorporate meal prep into my schedule so that I could serve healthy delicious meals to my entire family.”

JE, Father of 4, Manhattan, NY

Malina was great — caring, supportive and able to educate and enlighten without being judgmental. She invests a lot in her clients and you can tell she really wants you to succeed. Best of all she took something that can feel like a chore and made it light and fun and enjoyable.”

JM, Father of 2, Manhattan, NY

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