Happy   Saturday! 

As promised, sharing my fave sweet toppings for sweet potato toast. So quick, easy & super-healthy…⠀

Just wash potatoes, slice into 1/4-inch slabs (skin on) and bake at 400F for about 30-35 minutes, then cool and freeze the “toasts” in a freezer-safe bag until you’re ready to pop them in your toaster and toast them until they are slightly browned. Then top them with yummy things.⠀

Sweet potato toast is remarkably flexible, blending with flavor combos you might never expect to work! Like…

  • Ricotta cheese with fresh figs & honey⠀
  • Almond butter with sliced banana & ground flax seeds⠀
  • Cream cheese with sliced strawberries, pomegranate seeds⠀
  • Brie cheese with strawberry jam & white chia seeds⠀

Sweet potatoes are truly amazing for you health-wise… they are rich in fiber, vitamins & minerals and high in antioxidants, which protect your cells from free radical damage and chronic disease. I love that sweet potato toast offers a way to create a balanced meal (protein + carb + fiber + fat) quickly and easily!⠀

Have you tried sweet potato toast? If so, what are you fave toppings?

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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