Got   a   kiddo   refusing   to   eat   at   mealtime?   You’re   not   alone!

So many parents I talk to are stressed and frustrated that their kids don’t seem to want to eat at mealtime. If you’re finding yourself in the same boat, reducing an/or eliminating juice can make a huge difference…⠀

Too much juice can significantly lower their appetite for food. It can also end up displacing some of the healthier foods in their diets. Many parents of picky eaters make the mistake of thinking that juice is a helpful way to get more nutrients into kids who may not seem to be eating enough, but juice is a concentrated source of sugar with no fiber, protein, and usually little to no calcium and other nutrients of concern for kids.⠀

Research actually shows that drinking too much juice can lead to undernutrition, dental cavities and diarrhea. This doesn’t mean it’s “bad,” in moderation, but rather that it often just makes sense to dial it back.⠀

I recommend not serving juice at home so kiddos get in the habit of drinking water and milk or a milk alternative, and then letting them enjoy juice when out and about at a party, gathering, event…etc., so that they don’t feel restricted. If you like having it at home, stick to 100% juice and limit to 1/4 cup per day for ages 1-3, 1/3 cup per day for ages 4-6 and 1/2 cup per day for ages 7 and up. Diluting with water helps to stretch it out if needed.⠀

If you’re struggling with picky eaters, grab my FREE guide on reducing picky eating here. My online course on reducing picky eating is launching soon, so stay tuned! ⠀

What are your thoughts on juice?

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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