Let’s   talk   sugar   cravings!

I’ve been getting a lot questions from clients lately about how to handle them and my first question is usually:

What happened BEFORE it hit? Were you:

  • stressed?
  • bored?
  • anxious?
  • watching tv?
  • doing something that reminds you of a sugary fave?

Recognizing the personal triggers that kick off your sugar cravings can help you head off a craving in advance.

Don’t get me wrong – often the best way to handle a craving is to just eat the thing you’re craving and move on with your day. But when this is happening often enough that it’s preventing you from reaching your health goals, what do you do?

Substituting a healthier behavior can help. Here’s an example: I’ve posted about this Cinnamon Rooibus Chai tea before – it’s naturally slightly sweet, a little spicy and caffeine-free, and works for many as a healthy and hydrating quencher when hankerings for sugary snacks and drinks hit.

The best part – role modeling a mindful, reasonable relationship with sugar for your littles helps them learn to approach sugar as less something to crave, more something to enjoy sometimes… What works for you to head off sugar cravings? Comment below! 

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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