Parents   with   picky   eaters…

Have you tried offering a “tasting plate” alongside your child’s main meal?⠀

This strategy works great at home, but I especially love using it at restaurants.⠀

If you have a kiddo who routinely wants the buttered pasta or chicken nuggets when you’re out to eat, get him the pasta or something else he would like and then offer it along with a “tasting plate,” or a small plate that includes a little bite of each of the different foods from everybody else’s dishes. Don’t pressure him to eat – just put it next to his plate and then enjoy your meal.⠀

You might be wondering what on earth the value is in this…⠀

  • First, it’s convenient for YOU, because you’re providing many different exposures without having to take the time and energy to prepare/cook them. (And it can sometimes take many repeated exposures before a child will accept a new food, so it’s important not to give up!)⠀
  • It also allows you to serve him several new foods along with a known favorite, which is another way to help make exposures less stressful & more successful. Less stress means less potential for food battles and increased likelihood he’ll try something new.⠀
  • Tiny portions are just less intimidating! And they communicate to your child that you empathize with how scary it can feel to try something new.⠀
  • Overall, there is less potential for food waste! 

If you are struggling with picky eating, stay tuned for an online course I’m launching soon that will cover how to navigate picky eating in preschoolers and school age kids. In the meantime, grab my FREE guide to reducing picky eating!

Do you use tasting plates with your kids? What do you find works best? 

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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