Happy   Weekend!

Ok, for reals now – some days just end up looking something like this. Days when despite all our best intentions, healthier foods just don’t make it onto our kids’ plates.⠀

Could be a multiple-birthday-parties-in-one-day-sitch, a family gathering where a million treats are served, an amusement park trip.. Whatever the cause, it happens!⠀

And it’s ok – here’s my take: in the context of an otherwise healthy diet, when your kids have a big day of sweets – while not ideal – it isn’t the end of the world. And it offers its own kind of value in the opportunities it opens up for conversations with kiddos about how different types of foods make us feel.⠀

No joke, I’ve had this convo in the bathroom more times than I can count with a daughter or three after a day of too many sweets. ⠀

  • “My tummy hurts. The poop won’t come out.”⠀
  • “I’m sorry honey. That must not feel good.”⠀
  • “It hurts. Why won’t it come out?”⠀
  • “Well, certain foods we eat help us poop better. Like fruits and vegetables. Did you eat any of those today?”⠀
  • “No.”⠀
  • “Hm. Should we try to make sure you eat some tomorrow?”⠀
  • “Yes.”⠀

Conversely, kids are like sponges with stress and fear. If they sense that you are upset about what they have or haven’t eaten, it can make their feeding environment feel uncomfortable which is often counterproductive.⠀

Bottom line? Don’t beat yourself up. And find those powerful, teachable moments when you can help them connect the dots between what they eat and how they feel.⠀

What are the teachable moments & wins around nutrition and health that you’ve had with your kids?

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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