How much time do you and your kids realistically have for breakfast before the mad dash begins? For reals…

The answer I hear most often is – not so much. Sometimes NONE‼️ Sound familiar? The good news is, no time doesn’t have to mean no breakfast.

Oats can make their way into a healthy, kid-friendly breakfast whether you have no time or a leisurely morning. It helps to know which kind of oats to use when. I recommend using milk or plant-based milk as the liquid rather than water because — more protein, calcium and vitamin D. Here’s the deal:

👉 0 minutes – grab an oatmeal bar and a piece of fresh fruit and get going. I like Annie’s Home Grown, Larabar and Kind Bars because they tend to be lower in added sugars and made with whole food ingredients.

👉 3 minutes – microwave ½ cup of 1-minute quick oats with 1 cup your fave milk for 2 minutes add whatever toppings you like.

👉 10 minutes – microwave ½ cup old fashioned oats with 1 cup of your fave milk for around 3-4 min and let it sit for another 5 min. Microwave another minute and add fave toppings.

👉 20 minutes – cook steel cut oats on the stovetop according to directions in a 1:4 oats:milk ratio. PS – these also cook so nicely in the slow cooker overnight. Talk about an instant breakfast!

Did you notice I don’t include any instant oatmeal packages in this list? Instant oatmeal tends to be high in added sugar. Some brands are adjusting their recipes and offering instant oatmeals now that are more delicately sweetened. Yey! Bravo to them! Looking forward to tasting and hopefully adding another option to the list. 

Cheers! 😘


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