Sometimes nutrition and wellness can feel like a senseless equation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone, and for some, it can take time and a lot of trial and error to figure out the combination and balance of nutrients that works best.

Thanks to an emerging area of nutrition science known as nutrigenomics, it’s now possible through a simple saliva test to quickly unlock the best diet and wellness plan for you. I get asked all the time about whether there is a way to shortcut the process of losing weight or getting healthier.

As a single, working mom of three girls, I truly understand the value of time and how little you have. That’s why I’m so excited to start offering nutrigenomics testing as a part of my practice. It’s the closest thing I’ve seen so far to shortcutting the process of unlocking the most effective and impactful diet and wellness plan tailored to the individual.

If you have struggled in the past to figure out:

  • Which ratio of proteins to carbs to fats is best for you?
  • Whether you are at risk for certain vitamin & mineral deficiencies?
  • How your body responds to lactose and caffeine?
  • Whether you’re naturally prone to weight gain?
  • Whether your metabolism is slower than normal?
  • Whether your body will respond better to resistance exercise or cardio?
  • What foods will make your body feel the most satisfied?
  • Whether you crave sweets more than the average person?
  • Other questions regarding diet, eating habits, food reactions, nutrient needs, exercise and body weight?


…my Nutrigenomics Program can provide answers and personalized, practical solutions!

Nutrigenomics Program includes:

  • Simple saliva test kit
  • Detailed report of your results
  • 3 sessions of DNA-based nutrition counseling
  • You receive 8 weeks of customized, DNA-based meal plans (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) with recipes & prep instructions
  • Smart grocery list that gives you the ability to order ALL your groceries seamlessly on Amazon Fresh
  • Recipes tailored to your calorie and health goals, food allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, preferences & restrictions; also addresses preferences regarding cooking level of experience, budget, left-overs and food waste

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