Hi   all!

Back to dragon fruit! Hey does the shape of this one remind you of anything? ⠀

As promised, here’s a few happy facts about this refreshing snack:⠀

  • It’s super healthy!⠀
  • It’s lower in calories, contains less sugar and has fewer carbs than the majority of other tropical fruits.⠀
  • It contains a good amount of fiber, magnesium and iron.⠀
  • Also has antioxidants called betalains and flavonoids that protect our cells from free radicals that are associated with aging and many chronic diseases⠀

Here are some ideas for ways to eat it:⠀

  • Slice it in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon⠀
  • Peel away the skin, cut the flesh into bite-sized pieces & add it to a salad⠀
  • Build chopped dragon fruit into a yogurt parfait⠀
  • Add the peeled/chopped fruit to a smoothie or smoothie bowl⠀
  • Puree it and use as a base in chia pudding⠀
  • Make a dragon fruit salsa⠀

How do you use dragon fruit in meals and snacks? Enjoy!

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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