On Camera

“Simply Science,” with CUNY TV

“Choose Healthy” with Malina Malkani, LLC

“My Story & Nutrition Tips for Moms & Picky Eaters” with Ryemarkable Moms

“5 Pieces of Bad Nutrition Advice” with Newsweek

“My Top 8 Healthg Tips for Busy Moms” with Ryemarkable Moms

“How Much Can You Eat Before Your Stomach Explodes?” with Newsweek

“Healthy Snacks: Nuts & Seeds” on What’s Cooking with Kimberley

“Will We All be Vegan Some Day?” documentary film with Newsweek

On The Radio

Featured Guest with Host, Samantha Heller “What is the Best Diet?” August 25, 2017

Featured Guest on Episode 26 with Host, Ariama Long: “Why do diets fail?”

Featured Guest on 2-hour live Nutrition Palooza with Host, Samantha Heller December 21, 2018

In Print

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