Happy Wholitarian Wednesday!

So thrilled to spend an hour yesterday morning, live on air with amazing host, Rachel Lustgarten at Sirius XM, NYU Langone’s Doctor Radio, talking about the Wholitarian Lifestyle that I launched in 2017 and taking questions from callers about pediatric nutrition, picky eating & the importance of family meals.

My goal in launching the Wholitarian Lifestyle is 3-fold:

1. To provide moms and parents with the tools, resources, programs and recipes to feed themselves and their kiddos more foods that are:⠀

  •  Minimally processed⠀
  •  Nutrient-dense⠀
  •  Mostly plant-based⠀

2. To help parents establish a mindful feeding structure for their families that sets up kiddos with a lifelong healthy and positive relationship with food.⠀

3. To hopefully, in turn, improve the overall health of the next generation AND the planet.⠀

Do you have questions about what I mean by “Wholitarian?” Ask away in the comments below!

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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