Kiddos   in   the   Kitchen  Podcast !

So thrilled to showcase an episode of Stephanie Conner’s new podcast, called ‘Kiddos in the Kitchen!’ Stephanie is an amazing podcast host, parent and advocate for involving kids in the  kitchen as a way to establish and maintain their long-term health. In other words, we couldn’t be more aligned!

During my interview with Stephanie, we had the best time chatting about how to help kids develop a healthier relationship with food — and how our habits, role modeling and lifestyle choices as parents can make an enormous difference. We also discuss the many benefits of family meals, as well as how to get kids involved in cooking, food prep, grocery shopping and meal planning. In the second part of the episode, Melanie Potock, a certified speech language pathologist and pediatric feeding specialist, offers her top strategies for reducing picky eating.

Access Episode 2: “In Pursuit of a Healthier Relationship with Food.”

For more tips on feeding kids, grab my FREE guide to reducing picky eating.  And stay tuned for my navigating picky eating online course, launching soon!⠀

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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