Cheers   all!

On this rainy Sunday I’m thinking it might be the perfect kind of cozy day for baking bread…⠀

This loaf is a whole wheat version my mother made recently. Fresh out of the oven, there’s nothing like it…⠀

Bread gets a bad rap these days but there’s a big difference between the kind made with refined flour and ones made with 100% whole grains.⠀

Eating whole grains has been linked with so many health benefits, like reduced risk of many diseases and improved metabolic health.⠀

The good news about baking your own bread is that you’re in control of all the ingredients that go into the loaf!⠀

That can mean a bread that: ⠀

  • is lower in sodium⠀
  • doesn’t contain additives or preservatives⠀
  • is made with whole grains⠀
  • tastes and smells AMAZING⠀

Does it take time and patience? Yep.⠀

Is it worth it? I think so! What do you think? And if you bake bread, what’s your fave kind to make?

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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