Do   you   find   it   harder   to   stay   well-hydrated   in   the   winter?

I do! I find that cold weather makes drinking water 💦 less appealing. What tricks do you use to stay hydrated in these chilly months?⠀

I spoke with CNN recently about alkaline water which has been trending online and with celebs. Some say it has multiple miracle-like, curative powers such as:⠀

  • Preventing cancer (there is little to no evidence to support this)⠀
  • Reducing indigestion and acid reflux (there are a handful of studies that suggests that alkaline water could be therapeutic, but more research is needed)⠀
  • Improving hydration beyond the abilities of regular water (there is limited if any evidence to support this)⠀

Alkaline water is essentially water that contains salts and metals that make it more basic. You can make your own by adding baking soda and lemon juice and it can also occur in nature when spring water picks up minerals while passing over rocks.⠀

It tastes smooth and slightly sweet – I actually really like the taste but it’s more expensive and at this point it’s unclear whether the additional cost is warranted with regard to the health claims.⠀

Proponents of alkaline water (as well as the alkaline diet) believe that too much acid in the body and blood causes negative health effects and disease, and that the excess acid must be neutralized in order to improve health.⠀

Bottom line is that there is very limited scientific evidence that either supports OR disproves the health claims about alkaline water.⠀

In any case, all this talk about alkaline water got me thinking about good ole’ regular water, which does a pretty phenomenal job at keeping us hydrated when we remember to drink it. If alkaline water encourages you to drink more water in general because you like the taste, great – it’s not going to hurt you. But given that dehydration is a common health issue with a very simple and economical solution, a better starting point for many people is to just drink more water – tap water, filtered water, whatever as long as you’re drinking it!  ⠀

Cheers and warmest wishes for good health,

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